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KING Led Grow Lights

King is a leading grow light manufacturer. Their 12000 watt full spectrum led grow light canible provides high level of light and health benefits for indoor plants. The king 12000 watt led grow light is standard in most greenhouses. It can be used for variety of plants, including vegetable, flower, and fruit plants. The king grow light is easy to set up and is perfect for indoor used as a greener house for plants.

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King led grow lights are a high-quality and reliable grow light plants in the natural color of your choice. With a 3000w brightness level and a long life time, king led grow lights will bring you the success you desire.
what is in the package?
the package contains two king plus 4000w led grow lights.
king led grow lights are perfect for the modern green thumb. With full spectrum indo-pacific region hydroponic vegetable garden, you'll be able to see things in a different light. Made with high quality materials, these lights are sure to make your plants grow and grow.